How can a CDFA help you
before a divorce?

This phase begins with the feeling that your relationship may not remain intact; or with you or your spouse announcing that a divorce is imminent. When contemplating divorce, you may want to know the financial impact of such a decision before you actually announce and go ahead with it. For some, understanding the long-term financial impact may result in deciding that divorce is not beneficial for the individual or family. Lifetime Financial Strategies can provide you with this understanding through our analysis.

If your spouse unexpectedly notifies you that the relationship is over, it’s time to assess your resources and seek professional guidance from Angel McCall so you can start evaluating solutions to this problem. 


  • Explore, clarify, and prioritize your goals (short/long-term) 
  • Document your marital standard of living by reviewing spending patterns
  • Compile, organize, value, and examine financial assets and liabilities
  • Value real estate, businesses, and professional practices (normally outsourced)
  • Value pension plans
  • Compile an inventory of personal property
  • Review tax returns and financial statements
  • Track money flows through brokerage statements
  • Evaluate employee benefit packages (including employee stock options) 
  • Prepare statements of net worth 
  • Generate estimates of annual income (very important for self-employed spouses) 
  • Evaluate short-term cash needs for living expenses
  • Develop realistic spending plans for before and after the divorce
  • Estimate your career training costs and the timing of those costs
  • Estimate your future earning potential


  • You take control of the divorce process
  • You gain a clear understanding of your current and future financial picture
  • You have better information from which to make decisions
  • You are able to negotiate more effectively
  • Often, there is a faster and more equitable resolution of all financial matters
  • Minimize legal fees by understanding the finances involved and using powerful spreadsheets and graphs to expedite the settlement process
  • Help you understand, evaluate and negotiate settlement proposals
  • Minimize taxes through the efficient allocation of assets and tax deductions
  • Ensure the legal documents (QDRO, Property Settlement, Divorce Decree) have the appropriate wording so you gain control you expect over assets, accounts, pension plans, and other property