How can a CFP®/Registered Investment Advisor assist in estate planning and probate cases?

Many clients begin the estate planning process:

  • Without a clear financial picture
  • With little or no financial planning
  • With no idea whether or not their assets will see them through their retirement
  • Not knowing their estate plan and financial picture should they or their spouse become disabled or die prematurely

Lifetime Financial Strategies can review your clients’ investment accounts, analyze insurance policies and assess their needs to determine if their overall financial plan is sound.

Angel McCall assists attorneys and their clients through the probate process by:

  • Assisting the P.R. to establish the estate account(s) 
  • Analyzing estate assets
  • Helping the Personal Representative to determine which assets to liquidate and which assets to keep in their current form
  • Preventing asset degradation during probate. Assets that have not been properly evaluated may languish and decrease in value without expert management
  • Helping prevent claims by clients against Personal Representatives and law firms when asset values are negatively affected by the stock market during the probate process
  • Assisting in determining an equitable division of estate assets Assisting heirs by creating financial plans to show them what their inherited assets can, or cannot, do for them
  • Setting up beneficiary IRA accounts and assuring that distribution rules are followed timely to avoid costly penalties and taxes.

For Trustees, Angel McCall/Lifetime Financial Strategies:

  • Manages trust account assets with the fiduciary duty of a Registered Investment Advisor taking into account beneficiary needs and risk tolerance in these special situations
  • Processes trust disbursements for the trustee
  • Provides trustee assistance with accounting