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Estate Planning for your Digital Assets

When creating your estate plan, there are obvious areas to account for, such as what will happen to your home and belongings. However, now that we’re in the digital age, you have an entire identity that exists online. This not only includes your email and social networks, which contain personal information and private correspondence, but also websites like amazon, itunes, or financial apps that store your banking and/or credit card information. Our growing use of these websites and apps means that there is a growing need to include your digital assets in your estate plan, or risk having this personal information hacked, potentially putting your estate at risk. 

State and federal privacy laws prohibit unauthorized access to your online accounts. In addition to this, the terms of service agreement that you clicked the box for when registering, states that the only person authorized to access the account is the account creator. This means that even if you give someone your account login information, without a legal document stating your wishes, that person does not have the rights to access your accounts.